Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sufi Tere Pyar Mein (Jai Veeru)

Well, if you have heard the song or going to listen soon, it's my job to tell you that this song is not composed by some Pakistani guy or band, or even Mithoon. Sufi tere pyaar mein is a composition of Bappa Lahiri, the already known son of Bappa Lahiri.

The song is a good composition but is clearly influenced by Pakistani composers. The start of the song goes exactly like Tera Mera Rishta Purana, from Awarapan. The singer, Saim, has sung the song almost like Atif, or in better words, almost like a Pakistani singer and I guess that would have been the demand of the director and composer.

The song, though a duet, is almost a solo song by Saim, just the way Atif had Bakhuda Tumhi Ho. In the start, Tulsi gets to sing even less as she doesn't get past two lines at a time but in the last one and half minutes she gets a major share of the song before Saim gets to finish the song.

As far as lyrics are concerned, the song is not exceptionally good, but Sameer goes a step better than his usual with the mukhda that is Sufi tere pyaar mein ban hi gaya and stays just a step behind Sayeed Quadri, as comparison becomes obvious.

Overall, Sufi tere pyar mein is a song which doesn't have much new to it but the composition is good and the so is the singing, and hence the song can be well accepted by the audiences, depending on the promotion.

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