Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dev D: movie review

There are two types of reactions to masterpieces. Either you absolutely love them, or you absolutely hate them. So before you go for the movie, see the promos and decide which side you are on.

It was really confusing when i saw one star to dev d by Taran Adarsh and five stars by Nikhat Kazmi of ToI. But when i saw the movie, i found both the reviews were correct from different points of view depending on the viewer, though it was unpleasantly surprising that Taran opined quite like a person without pragmatism, something i don't expect from a reviewer of his stature.

Anyway, i was almost sure on which side i would be and it turned the same. I just loved the movie in all senses of word. New story, new style of telling, natural acting (at least by abhay deol and maahi gill), beautiful cinematography, and a wonderful soundtrack which has one background for everything happening in the foreground. And still it works almost perfectly. Hats off to Amit Trivedi.

Besides Amit, people who have done some wonderful work are, Amitabh Bhattacharya for lyrics varying from emosanal attyachar to saali khushi, abhay deol for being a natural again, rajeev rai for a superb choreography, and of course Anurag Kashyap for not just making the movie but for daring to make it and put his heart and soul and mind in it.

Finally, the result is the same as i told in the first line. Dev.D is almost a masterpiece which you can love or hate. If you feel it's your type, just go for it, and if you don't have that feeling, there is very little chance you'll like the movie.

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