Friday, February 6, 2009

Dev D: Reviewing the Reviews

I haven't yet seen Dev.D. But still, there was an urge to see the reviews and so I started with my favorite, Taran Adarsh from IndiaFM, or BollywoodHungama now. It was disheartening to see there was just one star and Taran described the movie as No Smoking II.

Well, that was something I cannot agree with. After a disaster, it's rarely possible to make another disaster, until you are Ram Gopal Varma. And my guess is that there is only one Ram Gopal Varma on the earth. Until I see Dev.D, I won't believe it's No Smoking II, or that there are two Ram Gopal Varmas.

Anyway, done with Taran, I decided to go for the reviewer I almost despise. That is Nikhat Kazmi, the reviewer for the Times of India who said Dhoom 2 was a great movie, and compared it to Hollywood flicks. The interesting thing is that Nikhat Kazmi gives the movie a five star rating and calls it Critic's rating.

Well, to be true, I have never seen such extreme reviews of any movie till date. So I went for more and saw the review on Passion For Cinema. Here, Pragya Tiwari writes 'Dev D is a lot of fun'. Whereas Nikhat Kazmi calls Dev.D a 'brilliant breakthrough for Bollywood'.

At the end, the only thing I can say is that Anurag Kashyap is surely a man of extremities. His Paanch didn't come out due to extreme violence, his Black Friday was an extremely wonderful film, so much that I felt it was too good for Indian audiences many of which won't understand the movie anyway. His No Smoking was an extreme disaster, and Dev.D is something touching the extremes from the very day when Emosanal Attyachar was out. And now, these extreme reviews of the movie. I don't really know many people who are so much to the extremes.

And as a final sentence, I'm waiting for the Sunday when I'll have three hours to watch the movie. Till then, confused between the extremes. :)

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