Tuesday, March 24, 2009

8x10 Tasveer: Music Review

Salim Sulaiman have always been Nagesh Kukunoor's favorite, be it Iqbal, dor, or a suspending Aashayein. At the same time, Salim Sulaiman have also been good with horror/thriller movies, especially because of their expertise with background scores. Now that Tasveer, or 8x10 Tasveer, as it's said now, had to have Salim Sulaiman as its main composers whereas Neeraj Sridhar (known mostly as a singer after his entry into Bollywood) and Bohemia also compose one song each.

The music of Tasveer is good as Salim Sulaiman still seem to be in quite the same touch as in Fashion. Neeraj Sridhar also gives a wonderful number, but overall, the music is not as good as one could expect after the pains of roping in three separate music composers.

The movie has five songs, based on four compositions, as two songs are same composition sung twice with entirely different lyrics. Along with that, there are five remixes too, which do not have much to offer like most remixes.

Nazaara Hai

Nazaara hai is the thriller song of the movie. The song has some good music and a lot of energy. Composers bring in Vishal Dadlani to sing the song and Vishal rocks here too. The composition is mostly rock oriented and gives Vishal quite a lot of scope to use his vocal chords. Background vocals have been used quite well for a thriller effect, something at which Salim-Sulaiman have been good from the time of their background score days. Lyrics are average, and the song may be liked a lot, particularly after the movie is out.

Hafiz Khuda

With Hafiz Khuda, it goes like this. Salim Sulaiman compose, Mohit Chauhan sings, and one feels that the soundtrack of Fashion is still in continuation. Mohit takes all the time in the world lingering at almost every word of this ever so slow romantic number and he's probably the best person to do that. The lyrics are just fine enough to do justice to the wonderful music and singing of Mohit. The female voice, Tulsi Kumar, is fine too but with Mohit singing in a super serene mode, Tulsi can be clearly seen two steps behind. Overall a good, slow romantic number, and one more gem by Mohit Chauhan.

Aaja Mahi

This one is by Neeraj Sridhar. Neeraj not only sings but for once, even composes the song too, and is clearly good at both. This time too Tulsi comes in, but feels far better than in the previous song. Aaja Mahi is a not a very typical song and probably cannot be exactly explained. But one can expect all those characteristics of a typical Neeraj Sridhar song here too, and more, except that this one is not as much a dance number as his other songs but more of a romantic or love song.

Still, this problem is tried and solved in the remix version as the remix version of the song can work as a dance number as well. The only other problem that I felt was that the end of the song is a bit abrupt. Otherwise the song is good and a must listen.

I Got The Picture

Remember the rap song of Chandni Chowk to China where Akshay Kumar started singing with Kithe Chali hai gobhi ka phool banke? It's a similar one where Bohemia keeps on repeating Aadmi Khilona duniya ke khel mein. Not really a good song but it'll probably be popularized by Akshay Kumar's videos.

Kuchh is Tarah

This is strange. After you listen to Hafiz Khuda, it seems like you are listening to the same song again. It's the same composition, interestingly, sung by the same singer in the same style. Just that the lyrics are different. And when you listen carefully, very carefully, you can find this one better.

Mohit Chauhan and Tulsi sing the song note after note like Hafiz Khuda, fitting different words in this. In fact it's interesting to see when one realizes that there are two different songs while listening to Hafiz Khuda and Kuchh is Tarah. Still, the song is good on quality and one can listen to it intently even though everything seems repeated.

Remix versions of all the songs are fine, though there is hardly much worth mentioning. Nazaara hai is one remix that goes actually slower than the original version, and makes a good listening. Neeraj Sridhar goes good on Aaja Mahi remix as usual. Bohemia's rap is one song which I found certainly better as remixed. Kuchh is Tarah is a great song remixed into an OKAY number.

Overall, Tasveer is not a hot-shot album, but has its own share of good songs. Kuchh is Tarah (or Khuda Haafiz) is worth listening for sure. And so is Aaja Mahi. And if you like the Bohemia rap, you can very well like the album. For me it's a 3/5 as Bohemia doesn't add to stars for me.

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