Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ummeed (Firaaq)

I wasn't really expecting any songs from Firaaq. But the deep rooted movie has some deep music too. Ummeed, a ghazal sung by Rekha Bharadwaj is a superb piece of work and music lovers, precisely those of poetry, will love it.

There is no need to tell how good Rekha has been on the slow paced ghazal composed by Rajat Dholakia/Piyush Kanojia. All I can help with is the lyrics, that is by putting the ghazal here. The only doubt I had with the lyrics was that the second line it should probably have been 'Jalne ke baad shama aur bolti nahi' but I felt it was shama aur bolti rahi. In the end, it reverts to bolti nahi again which created further confusion.

Though, in either case, the ghazal is a must listen from me.

Ummeed ab kahin koi dar kholti nahi,
Jalne ke baad shamma aur bolti rahi..

Jo saans le rahi hai har taraf wo maut hai,
Jo chal rahi hai seene mein wo zindagi nahi..

Har ek cheez jal rahi hai sheher mein magar
Andhera badh raha hai kahin raushni nahi..

Jalne ke baad shamma aur bolti nahi
Ummeed ab kahin koi dar kholti nahi..

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