Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kohram (Amanat Ali): Instant Review

Here is the instant review of Saregamapa finalist Amanat Ali's debut album Kohram. Here you will find only keywords about a song. This is before I write the detailed review. Check out this raw review.

Kohram: ***
Can say, an Item number. Fast of course. Some drama included. Catchy.

Teriyaan: ****
Good. Punjabi. Sad. Nostalgic.

Tanhai: ***
Fast. Full of Beats. Good in the antara part. Normal Mukhda.

Raha Jaye na: ****
Love song. Well sung. Voice based. Good music. Good lyrics. Overall good.

Thumri: ****
Singing comes clear. Well sung with Aalaps and all. Ends almost in rock.

Berangi: ***1/2
Good one again. Music is good. Something like Deewana of Sonu Nigam though entirely new. Of course not a Sonu Nigam though.

Any More: **
Fast. Punjabi. Music not new.

Halka Halka: ***1/2
Slow Love song. Good lyrics. Rock instruments in filler. Seems a bit strange. voice less on the softer side, more on sufi side. Overall a good song.

Ye Mera Dil: ****
Normal. Still good. Slow, sad, love song. Well sung. Goes high on notes.

Vari Vari: ****
Fast. Beat based. Catchy.

Tum se hi: ****
Beat based. Runs at a medium pace. Good number again.

Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi: *****
Only not-new song. Best of the album. Superb. Comparable to original. Almost untouched. And touching.

Overall: Wonderful album. At least does not disappoint like Albums of Amit Sana, or Karunya, and many others. Worth a listening.

*****: Excellent
****  : Very Good
***    : Good
**      : OK
*        : Didn't show up here. ;)

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