Monday, March 2, 2009

Dhoop Ke Sikke (Sikandar)

Sometimes it happens that you try to something great, and while you don't really make a great thing, you end up making something good anyway. I think that is the case with Dhoop Ke Sikke.

This part experimental, part traditional, part good, part OKAY, part beat, part off-beat song has been sung by Shankar Mahadevan along with Anusha Mani who starts the song in quite a new way, with her vocals going Tee-ri-ree-ree-ri-ree and her voice later suppressed and mixed.

But with all these music touch-ups, the song is actually a lyrics based number and Shankar's music reminds me of Phir Milenge songs where they had special stress on lyrics. The problem, though, is that the good lyrics which are probably trying to show a bigger picture, are not clear and hence fail in their bigger picture task.

Similarly, I did have some problem with lyrics-music compatibility too. At certain points, music doesn't seem to be going with the lyrics, or maybe the singing, but there seems to be some flaw.

Baarood jab bachcha tha wo titli pakadta tha
Wo ambiya bhi churata tha, patango par jhagadta tha
Agar tum uska maanjha loot-te wo kuch nahi kehta
Thoda naaraz to hota magar phir bhi wo khush rehta

The very next lines go as

Magar dhokhe se tumne uska bachpan bhi to loota hai
Zara dekho to uski aankh mein wo kabse rootha hai
Jugnuon ki roshni mein dil lagane do use

Here Shankar sings the 'Dhokhe se..' line with the same calmness with which he sings the previous four lines, something that probably doesn't justify the deep lyrics.

Neelesh Misra has been trying to create good lyrics throughout the song as he starts the next para with the following lines.

Bahut jaldi dupatte odhna sikhla rahe hain hum
Kyun zindagi ko raat se milwa rahe hain hum
Wo pallu se chipak kar chalti thi to achchi thi
Akela chhod kar usko kya kehna chah rahe hain hum..

Which is a good effort in my opinion.

Overall, as I said, I didn't think the song is great, or to put it more clearly, not as great as the makers of the song might be feeling, but the song is good and with some good lyrics, light music and some little experiments, it is worth listening.

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